About the Book


This story focuses on the joys , challenges and lessons in the lives of a couple of couples and their friends. Each chapter tries to stirs up thought in a particular are and leaves the reader meditating while enjoying the story. I consider it a unique perspective.


A very sunny day…the sun burned against my skin though it was hidden under an ash three-piece suit and blue-striped shirt. As I walked out of my car towards the church, I adjusted the knot of my bright red tie over and over again. A few yards more and I quickened my steps, hurrying into the shade formed by the church’s steeple. In my mind’s eye, I still saw the signboard:

“St. Steven’s Anglican Church, Surulere…”

The list of church programmes was now blurred in my mind. A modern church building, I could see through the windows – no stained glass but it was a bit dark – possibly a hundred or so silhouettes were imprinted on my retina, seated on wooden pews made of very high quality wood; hard as diamond, polished golden brown. I spotted elaborate ‘geles’ and a few ladies dressed in light blue Ankara spotted with pretty patterns of yellow and lilac flowers: the couple’s ‘aso-ebi’.


As I mused, three middle aged women walked past me and found their way through a small wooden side door which had been closed up till then. It then dawned on me that I was entering through the left wing of the church; there must have been a much wider door at the front entrance. My eyes caught a glimpse of a Volkswagen Passat saloon car parked inside the premises; its back-side nearly touched the three-foot white wall crowned with shiny black bars. My eyes kept following the women until they disappeared into the church. An elderly male usher beckoned on us to come through so he could shut the door. He probably realise how hidden the door would seem to strangers. I stepped in a few seconds later and felt the sudden change in temperature – it must have been 25 degrees inside the church.


“…will you take Chukwuma Eluigwe to be you lawful wedded husband, to have and to hold…”