There is an opinion that we do have a leadership problem in Africa. Social media has made public criticism of leaders very easy and very … public. You know one thing that speaks to me about our frequent analyses of the performance of our leaders is whether I would do any differently if I were in their shoes. Would you do differently? Well, we may be quick to say a resounding ‘YES’ but we need to stop for just a second and analyze what we are doing currently.

Are there gaps in the delivery of service in our workplaces? Are we giving excuses and blaming other people for lapses and work that fails to get done? Are we speaking to customers (internal and external) in ways we’d rather not put on record? These are some of the things we are upset about when we encounter them in the public sector actually. But when we look thoroughly we may find that they are showing up a lot much closer home.

I do think people’s true selves are expressed more and more as they rise on the Social ladder, simply because as they rise, they have less and less need to explain their actions to perceived superiors. It is true that in advanced societies, as you rise, you need for accountability widens because you are now accountable to those you lead. Back home, we find that this is not exactly so thus there is a tendency to conclude that we shall only see the worst of people when they rise to leadership in Africa!

So, would you be any better than the current leadership in your country if you somehow found yourself up there? Is there anything in your current work habits that tells us that you will do well if we put your country in your hands. Think about this the next time you criticize leadership