Early this morning on the way to church we got to a traffic light and I was once again reminded of a dilemma that often occurs to me. Right in front of me I notice a taxi driver and another church member asking another drivers on the inner to allow them in. In strict terms of the law, the person on the inner lane should not let them in but we have to be nice on the motorways don’t we. So we keep letting one or two cars in even when they are wrong in their approach. The dilemma I mentioned earlier is if I have a queue of four cars behind me and I keep letting people in front of me in the name of being nice, I am also delaying those behind me while helping those that chose t cut corners. There is a parallel o this in the workplace.

It is said that a team is a strong as it’s weakest link. Some people are too weak technically to be in certain kinds of technical teams and tend to embarrass the team whenever a task is left in their hands. Maybe they are not suited for the role or they have not been trained sufficiently or they have other problems interfering with their work. Whatever the case is, the team suffers their weakness. But they have families who depend on their income. On the part of the manager whose job it is to determine who gets fired, he has to balance between his sympathy for the weak link and sympathy for the bleeding team.

I think it is only fair to reassign the weak link in some way so as not the jeopardize the careers of the rest of the team. It is a hard decision but that is part of what being a manager is about: taking hard decisions. 

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