A Book About Elon Musk

I recently read a book about Elon Musk written by a certain Andrew Knight. I was strongly impressed and inspired by Musk’s sense of vision and purpose. I could very well summarize Elon Musk’s life vision as “Sustainability and the survival of the human race”. Everything he is said to have accomplished borders on ensuring we are using renewable sources of energy, protecting the human race or making plans for where we are going to live next (which planet). His plans are always bold, always all-inclusive, always in millions or billions of dollars. Andrew Knight kept emphasizing that Elon Musk is not so much much driven by the quest for profit yet because he is delivering value, some way or the other is is making so much more profit that many people out there who are fighting tooth and nail to make as much money as they can.

Vision: A Leader’s Mark

I think that one of the  key characteristics of a sound leader is vision. Vision does not always mean having a vision statement, people see clearly your direction in life if you have one and are clearly following one. People willingly follow a leader whose direction or vision is clear. People are more interested in being part of something grand than simply pursuing money. Do not get me wrong, people will do what they need to do for money but what they really want to do is something that gives their lives meaning.

Vision Vs. Money

Many people would become elated at the promise of a million dollars if they were to play some lottery or sow some seed in churchh but if we probe deeply, we find that many people who talk about a million dollars have no idea what to do with a million dollars if it is suddenly made available to them. Having a lot of money may not be useful if a person has no vision, or if a person does not have a vision that matches the money.

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