Unspoken Words

Eyes meet at unplanned moments, awkward moments
Briefly, abruptly, such sudden but minute moments
Volumes of words welling up in the soul, unspoken
Feelings raging, seeking expression, yet unspoken

Laughter and tears shared; most tears shared apart
Times together tearing them further and further apart
Meals, dishes, tasks, chores, bonding hearts going nowhere
The dilemma of wanting to be here yet anywhere but here

Every word is said except what really needs to be spoken
Thrills and laughter, soon forgotten, each a fading love-token
Time passes and the memories are gone, scars hardened
Hearts hiding a history of things that should never have started

The burden of uncertainty, thoughts brewing, to speak or not
The burden of deep emotions, fluids raging, to touch or not
Watching, waiting, wondering, whispering yet never speaking
Thinking, praying, asking, reviewing but never really seeking

Kenneth Igiri
19th August, 2013