According to there are about 6500 spoken languages in the world. But I dare say that wherever you come from or whatver language you speak, there are means of comunication that are understand across all culture which we can take advantage of to win friends and influence people.

Wear A Smile

A smile is one of the most powerful indications of acceptance across the human race. A smile says to the other person, “You are welcome to my personal space…”. If nothing else is said, a smile is enough to tell the other person that he or she would like to see you again. Best of all, wearing a smile is the most inexpensive accessory you can add to your outfit, and it can come with significant rewards.

Make Eye Contact

Looking at someone when they are talking to you tells that person that they are important to you. It tells them you are paying attention exclusively to them while they are trying to communicate with you. It tells them they are more important that your phone or computer or whatever else is competing for your attention at that very moment. And guess what, you can make every single person that walks into your personal space feel that much important. The value of such a disposition to you is that you will also be important to every one of those same people and more. Eye contant may not come naturally but it can become part of you by practice. However, be careful not to stare or say what you don’t intend to say with your eyes.

Pass a Compliment

Saying something nice to some about something they are wearing or the way they look is a wonderful way to get remembered wherever you go. Your name may not even be the point of reference, maybe just what you said. And what you said, will be the starting point for the next discussion. A compliment makes the recipient aware that you noticed them in detail and they will notice you too the next time you need their help. Passing a compliment is not like buying a gift or giving a tip: it costs absolutely nothing yet works with almost everyone in creating a high-yield investment. Say something nice to the waitress, the receptionist, your colleague, your boss, whoever. it is simply universal.