The Voiceless Child

I watched them from the window
Blurred by the raging storm
Her hands pounded and pounded
Wack wack wack wack
What could my friend have done?

I shouted “stop, stop, stop, stop”
But my voice was ever so faint
Drowned by the raging storm
Locked in behind hard wood and walls
What could my friend have done?

She dragged him by the right ear
I gasped in horror, my ears hurt too
She rammed her hard, knuckles
Hard against his head , not once
What could my friend have done?

I called out for my Mom and Dad
Maybe the could save my dear friend
From these fits and dreadful violence
Alas I was locked in and home alone
When would Mom and Dad return?

I shouted again and again that night
Wishing some passerby would hear
And save the children from violence
From their own Mommies and Daddies
Will you join me and shout today?

Written for ICGC Children’s department, 2015