Quarreling can be quite exciting. A great way to exert energy and let go of all that stress from the office. The eruption of adrenaline like the Maelifell of Iceland. Could be a wonderful repeatable feeling if there is always someone to share it with, someone who would respond in a manner required to fuel the rush.

You see, to quarrel, you need a minimum of two people otherwise, the discussion would be on a slightly different topic: Insanity. If your spouse explodes at you and you are absolutely silent, you would have succeeded in truncating his or her zest for a rush of adrenaline and kept the peace while at it.

I remember a school mate of mine who was asked by a suspected cultist in his own room: “Are you mad?”. His simple response was “No. Why do you ask?”. Simple answer to a simple question and a classic case of ‘… A soft answer turns away wrath…’. An answer at the upper end of the emotional number line would have appeared an indication of the state of mind referred to in the question.

You can really be the wise one in your marriage. The one that cuts off the unnecessary adrenaline. The one that plays sane and answers softly, “No, I’m not mad”. The quarrels begin to disappear in a relationship if only one party is allowed to rant. When those out-of-the-ordinary moments come round again, remember, ‘It takes two to tango’ and “A soft answer turns away wrath”.