I heard a message from Dr. Mensa Otabil last Sunday which made me reflect on the scope of our thinking. I would like to call it something like “Thinking Outside the Tent” much like “Thinking Outside the Box” but illustrated in a different way.

The reference for the sermon was Abraham’s encounter with God in Genesis when God promised him descendants as many as the stars of Heaven. While Abraham sat inside the tent he could not see what God was talking about. The limit of his sight was the roof of the tent which could have been about four feet away from him while seated. Outside the tent however things looked completely different.



Outside the tent, the nearest star would be measured in light-years. A light-year The distance covered by light in one year. Light travels at 3.8×10^8 m/s (a bit of physics there). You will agree that the difference in the scope of Abraham’s thinking and faith inside the tent when compare to outside the tent is like comparing specks of dust to mountains.

Let’s bring it home. We are simply taking about changing perspective but not just changing but enlarging our perspective. Sometimes that change requires actual physical relocation through travel for example, it may mean reading a book and getting more education. However it is interpreted, we find that our lives can take a massive leap forward if we can step outside the tent we find ourselves confined in.