My One Love

The trickle, the trickle of love
Down my spine , into my heart
When your lips touch my ears
There are no more fears
I know it is you , my one love

The depth, the profound depth
To which my soul explores
When the warmth of your body
Burns my soul, my soul…
I am consumed with your love

The clouds, the silver – lined clouds
Which fade all else away
When I am in your arms
There is heavy rain, floods
So heavy we are carried to a distant land

The peace, the peace I know
In trusting you, holding you
Thinking of you as my bride
As my soul mate, my One
The mother of my children

I will take the journey, solemn
Into your body , into the depths
When you I mine and I am yours
Nothing will be held back
I will give my all to please you

If rains fall, we shall bathe
If the sun shines, we shall bathe
However we bathe, we shall be
With nothing to hide
With all things bare

With you I will travel , travel
To the ends of the earth
To the heights of heaven
To the moon and back
I love you my Queen

Written for Jay, 2015