They say the most hard working people are not always the richest people. Often an example used to buttress this is a truck pusher on the streets of African cities sweating morning after morning behind his locally made wooden truck on car tyres. Hard work, little gains. He experiences this morning after morning and does not stop because he has no other option. He must wake himself up and get to work without being threatened with retrenchment if he fails to make it to work.

The kiosk owner at the corner of the typical African street is in a similar class. Every single day when I set out to work between 7:00 am and 7:30 am I find they are already set, fully awake and ready to receive customers. They are their own boss and they realize no one is going to call them to ask why they were not at work or why they are late. If they ate absent, they simply lose customers.



Both the truck pusher and the kiosk owner are self-driven, self-motivated. Its not a function of ones role, social class or nature of business. It I simply an attitude. Dramatic things canbhappen when such an attitude meets opportunity. What’s your attitude towards your day job? Are you being pushed like the truck or are you self-driven like the truck pusher?

I personally think that a person who cannot succeed at working for someone else may experience difficulties working for himself.