No one sits in their shops here waiting for customers to come to them. Everyone goes out looking for customers. Even taxi drivers at the airports have agents “hustling” for passengers. Those who sit in their taxis waiting to be called find themselves at the back of the pack if even they exist. Lagos is for hustlers.

On these roads, no matter how civilized you look, how well dressed or educated you are, no matter what class of vehicle you drive, when you get on that jungle called Lagos roads, you have yo have your mouth ready to fire: “What are you driving?” “Who are you?” “Are you mad?”. Some go deeper: ” You dey craze?” “Commot for road!” and so on. Lagos is not for gentlemen.

The mass of people milling on the streets is intimidating. The rush of motor bikes back and forth is scary. No driver waits for you to cross over to the other side. The walk rate is fast paced so much so that you think the person coming towards you is after you. And in all these, you have to be conscious of you pocket, your wallet and your mobile device. Lagos is not for the fearful.

With almost 20 million people stretching this city to its limits, every contractor, salesman, shop owner, hawker and everyone else selling something seek marginal profits and large turnovers. The competition is waiting for you to make a wrong bargain and the customer is ever ready to move to the next shop. Lagos is not for slow thinkers.

If you are coming to this city, be prepared.