The caption above is from the brief discussion a man called Jehu had with a man called Jehonadab when, in ancient Israel, the responsibility had fallen on Jehu to overthrow a corrupt government. Trust is just about the most valuable item another human being can place in your hands. Access is an awesome privilege someone higher than you can grant you. It is such a pity when we hear of young people who betray trust and abuse the privilege of access. So many things follow naturally when we have this state of affairs in relationships between the highly-placed and the upcoming.

* It becomes more difficult for the Highly Placed to repeat the offer of trust to the same person.

* It becomes more difficult for the Highly Placed to repeat the  offer of trust to other Upcomings. Effectively the offender had blocked that stream of love and denied them the Privilege of Access.

* Other Highly Placed people become more and more wary of extending trust and the Privilege of Access

* The image of the Offender is tarnished. Being that he is the younger person, he has to deal with the consequences of his betrayal. Often such people continue in their ways and find other unsuspecting people to hoodwink. In other cases, their growth is stunted permanently by their foolishness.

Jehu’s question is a question most of us ask in our hearts as we engage people in all sorts of relationships: spouses, business partners, brothers, sisters, etc. One would possibly ask his or her spouse: “Are you as committed to being faithful to me as I am committed?”. One would ask a business partner, “Are you as resolute as maintaining our agreement so much so that when millions of dollars arrive, you will be the same person?”. One would as a brother, “Would you kill me if that is what it would take to get a share in our inheritance?”.

So many such questions come up in our close relationships. We all want to know: “Is your heart right, as my heart is toward your heart?”