Certain events in our lives force us to think again about our intrinsic value as people. Take for example you are passing through town driving a Ferrari or a Bentley. There is the temptation to assume that everyone staring at you is actually admiring you as a person. This cannot be true, they would admire anyone driving that sort of car. The object of affection is not you, its the car!

Assuming every Sunday you shared $100 to needy folk in your church. You find that someone always goes out of their way to come say hello to you. The respect is very intoxicating but make no mistake, the object of this reverence may not be you, it may be your deep pockets.

When we lose something material in our lives – a house, a job, a car etc – it is indeed a very painful and difficult experience to go through. It often feels like you have fallen from a certain “height”. However painful such an experience is, it forces us to look again at our intrinsic value. Without the peripherals, what are we really worth?

A healthy view of ourselves is essential in order to properly manage our lives and relationships, to value what is really valuable and to manage our pride. We must see ourselves as we really are, without those things that can be taken away from us in the twinkling of an eye.