Drops of Water

I left a bucket of water under the tap last night. I left the tap with its faucet 99% closed. Water dropped every minute. Insignificant. Alas when I woke this morning, it was full! Full! At one drop a minute. Full!

I shut the tap and left another bucket. Zero drops per minute. Alas when I returned from work it was empty just as I left it.

What would have happened if I left that bucket for ten years. My house would be flooded. At one drop per minute!

Bank account full @ 1 cedi a day
Ten Books completed @ one page a day
Exams written @ one book a week
Land purchased @ 100 cedis a month
Company built @ 1000 cedis a month!

#focus #persistence #collaboaration

Good Morning Folks and have a great day

(Paraphrased from a post by Obidi Nwachukwu, www.follio.me)