I watched a bottle of LIKEM salted Garri when I thought about what a change a Garri Dispenser might make. I have seen Cereal Dispensers which made me think of this. You know the civilizations of the world which we consider more advanced than we appear to be gained traction in terms of development because they focused on solving the problems the found in their environment. Those in the norther hemisphere encountered extreme cold and found the need for clothes good enough to keep warm in. when horses could no longer carry them fast enough, they decided to build engines to move their carriages faster. When the ran out of things to do on earth, they started flying upwards and diving to unbelievable depths of the sea.

When someone in Africa mentions technological development, we are often thinking about catching up with the west. We are thinking of making cars at a level of technology that the West surpassed in the eighties. We are thinking of meeting up with them. Maybe we can, maybe we can’t. Whatever the case may be I believe the effort may be more appreciated in the long run if we focus on our strengths and produce things we need, things closer to our culture, things that match our strengths. I once saw a take-away pack on Facebook made of leaves, the same kind of leaves used to wrap Moi-Moi or Ofada Rice. In another video I watched some demonstrate a machine for “de-husking” coconuts. The interesting thing was that these videos were from Asia not Africa! I am sure smart folks out there are doing similar things in Africa so I am waiting for advanced machines that can harvest yam, or palm nuts or cashew nuts. I think such technologies will be more aligned to our way of life.