Before leaving home this morning I told m wife I am looking forward to the day when I would wake up, pray, have breakfast at about 7:00 AM and then sit out in the balcony to read a good book. At about 10:00 AM I would go to consult with a large company and earn $10,000 for working with them for an hour. At about 2:00 PM I would go give a talk somewhere and earn another $10,000 then be home by 4:00 PM to do some writing. All this could be a daydream or a possible reality (a reality that has already manifested for some people my age in this same world anyway) depending on what I do with today.

It isĀ important that we paint a picture for our future and keep that picture in front of us consistently. Let it be the driver for our routine tasks. Let the vision be the determinant of our engagements. Let the vision be the reason for how we spend our time. How much is today’s activities contributing towards to vision? Can you see five years from now? Ten years? Twenty years? Or are you just taking one day at a time as it comes. I know it is possible to predict the eventual outcome of our lives to a reasonable degree of accuracy because people have done it already. Why not us? Are you willing to take the necessary steps to make the picture in your mind a reality? Think about this deeply.

The thoughts in this post are further developed in my upcoming book It I Were to Live Again. #IfIWere2LiveAgain

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