The Young Writers’ Mini Scholarship is an effort directed at engaging young people who are interested in creative writing in such a way that their minds are also tasked to deep thinking about leadership and entrepreneurship. The offer is simply a lump sum given to the top three writers of two essays described in the Offer Details section.


Terms and Conditions

1. You must be a student in SHS or 1st Level in any Higher Institution in Ghana or Nigeria.

2. You must be willing to serve an elderly person (Your Elder Friend) in your community for a period of six months to one year if you win.

3. You must read a book by Kenneth Igiri and write a short Customer Review on Amazon).


Offer Details

 The intending scholar will have to do three basic things:

 1. Write a minimum of 1000 words on any TWO of the following:

·      AREA:               Leadership

·      TOPIC:              How I See Africa in 2060

·      AREA:               Entrepreneurship

·      TOPIC:              What I Would Do With GHC50,000

·      AREA:               Family Values

·      TOPIC:              What I think About Divorce

·      AREA:               Literary Prowess:

·      TOPIC:              A Review of the Book “Till Death” (or “Njansi”) by Kenneth Igiri (COMPULSORY)


2. Send an e-mail  to with the subject “Young Writers Mini-Scholarship” with your entries attached in PDF format. Include your scanned passport photo, name of your school and a letter from you school teacher or lecturer verifying you are a student. Entries start January 1st, 2017 and close March 31st, 2017.

3. Watch this space for announcements of winners in June 2017


Additional Information

1. You will get an automated mail once you send in your entry

2. You will get another mail with your unique Entry Code once all your documents have been reviewed and verified as valid

3. If you do not get a second mail with your Entry Code within a week, please send a reminder to the same email address above



1. First Prize:             $350.00

2. Second Prize:         $250.00

3. Third Prize:           $150.00


* There will be Consolation Prizes up to the 10th winner

For updates on the offer please regularly visit


Winner’s Post-Win Responsibilities

 The winners of the first, second and third prizes will be expected to perform the following Social Duties for a minimum of six months as part of the agreement and purpose of the scholarship:

1.       Identify or be assigned an elderly person in his/her community whom he/she can form a relationship with.

2.      Visit the Elder Friend at least once a month and perform activities such as:

  • Spending time discussing life with his/her Elder Friend
  • Carry out minor domestic chores for his/her Elder Friend
  • Read to his/her Elder Friend

3.      Document interactions with his/her Elder Friend in videos, pictures, short write-ups

4.      Publish his/her experiences in his/her favourite Social Media platform (Youtube, Facebook, Instagram etc.) adding the hashtag #YoungWriterGH or #YoungWriterNG