“Your case is not too difficult …” It was Agbako, a renowned witch doctor of Abia, Ohafia. He was aged but physically and spiritually strong. He was speaking to a young couple who had come to seek help from him in order to bear children. They had been married for only a full year but Benjamin Kalu was impatient.

“In fact,” continued Agbako, “It is good news that I have for you. The Oracle says that one of your ancestor Njànsí, the great wizard of Akanu who dined with Ubina-Ukpabi, Amadioha and Kamalu-Ikere; who commanded men, wild beasts and evil spirits…” “… Njànsí wants to return to this world.”

Benjamin and Comfort looked at each other in amazement. “So are we going to have a child?” asked Benjamin “Iroha!” Agbako called the young man by his native name. “My father” answered Benjamin. “Your wife will bear a son, a great son” his eyes were set as he spoke.

Benjamin smiled. His wife must have been happy too but she didn’t show it. This whole idea of coming to a witch doctor didn’t go down well with her. She had been raised in a Christian home. Her father was one of the first elders of their church in Ohafia but she wasn’t firm in her faith. Besides, she was just twenty, she couldn’t but succumb to her husband’s persuasion.

“The oracle says you must call your son no other name but Njànsí. Also, do not forget this: when the child is born, your wife must put the after-birth in a small clay pot and bring it here to me alone”.

Agbako paused for a moment.

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