Xenophobia and Other Vices

You have probably heard of the one time president of South Africa P.W. Botha. He seems like an intelligent man. He definitely ought to have been one in order to be elected the president of South Africa under White Minority Rule. In view of recent events in South Africa, I do wonder whether ‘Black Majority Rulers’ are half as smart. Yes, and I am black too.


Back to Botha. There is a speech attributed to this brilliant man available on this link. You are free to go through the link then come back to my article after coming out the the resulting slight depression assuming you are also a negro. In essence, Botha’s speech makes very clear the utter disdain he had for the Negroes of South Africa and obviously other Negroes during the apartheid period. He was honest enough to state that he did not pretend to like black people.


Fast forward over two decades later and South Africa is now ruled by a black South African. An ever smiling black South African even in the face of serious allegations. I would like you to review the speech again and consider what parts of Mr. Botha’s speech you still consider untrue. What parts of the speech are you still angry at? I am sure most people who read this would tilt more towards sadness than anger.


The present day South Africa seems to have proven most of Mr. Botha’s statements correct. Inability to plan long term, tendency to kill each other, obsession with sex (marrying numerous wives), laziness and emotional incompetence. The outbreak of Xenophobia in the last few months is a clear example of such emotional incompetence and lack of logical thinking of the black man!


You must have winced at that last statement. Are these characteristics really the result of a person’s skin colour or really the result of a person’s lack of exposure? History does tell us of the brutal wars of the dark ages in Europe. Slave trade in itself was a horrific treatment even if the blacks were considered animals. No! I do not believe such behaviour is an issue of colour. It is simply sad that the present day black leaders of South Africa have chose to make a mess of a freedom that Madeba and other patriarchs fought for with more than a quarter of their lives.


It is sad that present day African leaders would rather milk the nation and companies they run in order to live luxuriously now rather than prepare institutions their children can be proud of in years to come. It is a pity that most leaders prefer propaganda and blatant lies to an accurate assessment of the state of our nations. How much simpler can leading a nation out of poverty get? So many inventions already done, so much knowledge already available, models of so many institutions already exemplified by other nations.


We are not where we are because of our skin colour, we are where we are because we have chosen to be here. The blacks of South Africa do to have have jobs because foreigners have ‘taken’ their jobs, they do not have jobs because they have chosen not to do any work!