Work Habits


This picture has become quite popular of late. The interesting thing is that those who have people working for them often break all the stated rules. The CEOs, the MDs and all more often than not do not really have defined work schedules. In emergencies they can be called anytime. They take ownership of their responsibilities be it willingly or unwillingly.

This leads me to believe that the proponent of these ideas is thinking more like an employee than like an entrepreneur. The typical ordinary employee disconnects himself from ownership of his responsibilities at work. You could hear such expressions as “It’s not your father’s work”. There is hardly any sense of loyalty these days, the typically employee simply works to earn is pay. The writer does not consider the possibility of his becoming a boss. Entrepreneurs start thinking like entrepreneurs before they become business owners because that’s just what they are whether they own a business or not.

This reminds me of a little experience with a former colleague. He was discussing the fact that some of our fellows had begun misusing either printing paper or some other stationery. He mentioned that if he were a business owner and the staff kept coming back to him asking for pens, he would not be comfortable with that. Now that’s thinking like an entrepreneur. The typical employee does not care how such stationary he wastes. He simply wants to be sure his pay will come on payday.

A certain man by name Zaphnath-Paaneah who lived about twenty centuries before the Messiah was born. He owned little but controlled the world while serving the Pharaoh of ancient Egypt. His influence was so strong in Egypt that when his father died, those who witnessed the burial in ancient Palestine call the event “The Outcry of Egypt”. Incidentally, Zaphnath-Paaneah was not Egyptian, he was a Jew!

You can develop an attitude in your workplace which makes you an Entrepreneur, even while working for someone else. That being said, it is not everyone that is an entrepreneur, we all have our roles on the planet. Some lead, others follow; some rule, others serve. But if I have something to say I this, I would certainly say: Take ownership!