Why Am I Here?

When you read that title you probably thought about some philosophical discourse on the theories of origins of species and man’s purpose on the earth. Well, this post has a much smaller scope than that thankfully. Have you ever considered the possibility that you could just be redundant, replaceable, dispensable, non-unique as far as your employer is concerned? Well, that could just be the case.


I do realise that the typical employer likes redundant people: People who simply take instructions and do not question anything. The typical employer does not want to be at the mercy of someone he is paying, he wants to make sure he can fire you and have his business still running smoothly. That is excellent for business but bad for the employee. Now this begs the question: why should your boss keep you? Selah


In case you do not know, Selah is reputed to mean “pause and think carefully about this”. Why should your boss keep you? What are you doing that no one else can do? Worth thinking about isn’t it? And while thinking about it, I think there are a number of ways one can react to this phenomenon. One way would be the negative approach: hide knowledge from colleagues, place ‘insurance’ in systems or steal to make up in case your employer tries to outsmart you.


The positive way, which makes you a free man is to prepare for the future even when it is not in sight. One destructive habit a lot of African workers have is what is called the Entitlement Mentality, that feeling that something will always be yours and if somehow you lose it someone has to be beaten or taken to court or something. The truth is a free man does not depend solely on others for his fulfilment in life; he takes charge and prepares for the future.


If you are a middle class worker, take time out from your busy schedule and just think outside the box a little. Without your employer, of what use is your current skill set? If there happens to be a major technology shift in five years, where would that leave your role? If you are scared already, then you need to take some action? In the year 2014, decide to be independent of your employer, fast!