“Mummy, are you a man or a woman?”


Have you ever imagined your five year old kid asking you that question? Do you think it is an unexpected question to ask? Maybe now it seems far-fetched but it could be a normal question in a few years at the rate the world is going. A few years ago I heard Pastor Poju Oyemade in one of his messages making a serious joke about a toothpaste advert with two men brushing their teeth. If you did not get that line, please read it again and think about how certain family products are advertised.
Some weeks ago I listened documentary whose subject was the rights gay footballers have to publicly declare their sexuality. I tried to understand the reason for this and I am still trying to. Do heterosexual footballers have to declare their sexuality? Why do we have to have a whole documentary on the subject of encouraging homosexual footballers to declare they are homosexual? Could it be because someone is pushing a certain agenda?


I do think an agenda is being pushed. If a person’s sexuality is normal why does it have to turn into a movement. As it is, it seems some people are not just trying to make us accept them the way they are, they want to convert us to the way they are and that is troubling especially for our children. Unborn children will arrive in a world where the definition of  the word “man” or “woman” will be unclear. A world where filling the gender column on forms may not be as simple as “M” or “F”. A world in which public conveniences will need no labels on the doors. Is this advancement or confusion?

No one is asking for intolerance or hatred for alternative lifestyles. Everyone has a right to choose how they want to live but why try to shove it all down our throats using celebrities like actors and footballers to tell our attentive children that this is the way to go. Why lock up our preachers for refusing to wed gays? If they have a right to be gay, I have a right not to wed them too. If they have a right to be gay I have a right as a matter of company policy in my private company to say I will not employ them. It is about rights isn’t it?


Someone is pushing an agenda. Someone has to push back. Tolerance cannot mean submission else it would not be fair.