Imagine stepping out of you house every day, walking across the street with a bucket of trash in your hand and just throw it all on the bare floor. You do it the first day, the second day, the third day and on and on. You are completely comfortable with yourself, no guilt, no second thoughts, no hesitation. You just give birth to a rubbish heap right in front of your home. No one stops you so you go right ahead and while everyone minds their business.

Soon everyone in your neighbourhood joins and you work together assiduously to build a mountain of trash front of you several feet wide. It smells everyday, keeps rising and is about to close up the major road that runs in from of your line of houses but no one, no one in the neighbourhood says STOP! There is an amazingly enthusiastic communal effort to turn the empty space in front of you street to a rubbish heap. Everyone comes together to work hard at it. Day after day everyone plays there role.

The worst part of what I just wrote is that it is not an imagination. It happened for real at Avenor, Accra over a period of a few months right before our eyes. It made me think that maybe those who say most people on earth have some degree of madness or the other may be right. It made me wonder whether Botha was right about Negros. I know about this developmental communal effort because I drive through this area almost every week day and pondered on how people felt living like this.

The bottom line is whatever we see happening in our community is something we have collectively created. Something we have chosen to live with. We choose to create traffic jams with double parking. We choose to create filthy public washrooms by standing on the toilet seat. We choose to create despots by saying nothing. We choose to live in darkness by importing generators. We choose to remain on the disadvantaged end of exchange rates by purchasing foreign products exclusively. We choose financial shipwreck by spending everything. Funny enough when the mountain we have been building for years suddenly starts growing out of proportion we cry out to the West for help!

What are you choosing today by a simple act of negligence, carelessness or foolishness. Know that when it becomes a mountain staring at you, you will have to live with it.