Warehouse on My Street: What the Chinese do that We Don’t

Ah huge container ship being manouvered and reversed towards shore by pilots and tugboats

A few weeks ago we noticed a routine occurrence on our bare street. large “articulator” trucks (is that what the call them). I better just stick with the known word “trailers” carrying containers from the port (must have been Tema) routinely came to the street and offloaded large amounts of what seemed to be tiles. They did cause a bit of a nuisance because of the narrow nature of the road and the quality of the road itself. We later notices certain Chinese had purchased a school building opposite use to use as a warehouse! YES, I did not misspell the word. It’s WAREHOUSE. A warehouse on my street.


Now what intrigued me apart from the slight disturbance was that I began to think about they way they seemed to be operating – these Chinese – they would come into Ghana or any other African country, obtain property easily and ask their brothers to create things in demand and send it to them knowing the market for foreign products is huge in Africa. That keeps the money going back to their country in huge quantities. I find this instructive because black people typically operate in the reverse direction.


A typical Igbo or Kwahu man who goes to China or Europe would typically send things TO Nigeria or Ghana because again he feels that the market for foreign goods is massive in Africa. You see, what has been created is a situation where we are working with pour foreign friends to make sure their goods are sold. They have loyalty to their countrymen, we have loyalty to our own prosperity. They have seen an opportunity to pull finances to their countries and exploit it to the full, we only see the tiny profits we make personally when we sell their products to our own countrymen.


I do hope we start seeing better soon.