Till Death – Excerpts – 3rd October 2011

I have not written in a long, long while. In the seventh chapter, Emeka and Dupe’s children are in their teens. We start here and in the next two or three chapter to explore some teenage issues parents may have to deal with.

Excerpt Starts Here

It was a dark period for the Eluigwe’s. Elite Bank had closed down the previous year and Emeka had not found a job that fit his qualifications just yet. Dupe had a good job but they struggled with the children’s fees, the house mortgage, and now grandma’s death. Dupe was essentially the bread winner but once in a while Emeka did some freelance consulting work and brought in some good money. Those bursts of income were very happy moments for the family. Dupe tried to encourage him to start his own business formally but he just didn’t feel quite ready to be a CEO. At forty-something, Dupe wondered when he would be ready if he wasn’t ready now. She was grateful that at least they would own their own house in two years thanks to his close to twenty years with Elite Bank.

“YGhaaaa …” their thoughts were interrupted by the three-month-old baby’s cry.


“Oh! Shut up!” snapped Linda, spanking the little boy making him cry harder.


“Bring him” offered Dupe. She turned on her seat, loosened her seat belt and stretched to carry Chima. Linda ‘gave him away’ heartily.


“Hey, what’s wrong, little boy? Is it Mummy?…” Chima just gazed at her precociously, still crying at intervals.


Dupe kept pampering and rocking him till he stopped crying and started sleeping again. Emeka was so quiet Dupe was worried. Once in a while she glanced at him on the way home.


“Mom, I need a new pair of black sandals! These are so tight”

“Not now Lucy.”

“Everyone is so quiet; I might as well say something”


Emeka winced. His children had become accustomed to asking their Mom for their needs and he didn’t feel right about that. Sometimes he felt he had missed something. After all, Roland was affected by the tragedy at Elite Bank but he managed to get back on his feet in just a few months – A Zonal Head role in another bank! Asides that, his wife Nneka had set up three fashion shops at exotic locations. Every quarter, Nneka took African fabrics to Europe and returned with casuals which she sold at her shops. Emeka did have a few significant investments in stocks and real estate but he felt he could have done better with twenty years of work.  He suddenly felt Dupe’s left hand on his thigh.


“Honey, are you OK?”

“Yeah, yeah”


Dupe could not help but notice the startle in his response. Was his mother still on his mind or something else? She hoped he was concentrating on his driving. Just then he took the next turn that would lead straight down to their house.


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