Till Death – Excerpts – 30 August 2011

We are approaching 150 pages now. A bit behind schedule, shaa but not too bad. We have turned our attention a bit to Roland and Nneka (I do hope you remember them), they had to baby-sit for a neighbour for just a few hours and Nneka apparently was emotionaly attached to the children which were not hers. Enjoy and pelase give feedback:


Excerpt Starts Here


Nneka was turning down the TV’s volume with the remote when she was startled by a loud slap on Joshua’s backside.

“Come-on stand up!” scolded Deborah.

“Ouch!” exclaimed Nneka “Debby!”

Nneka squeezed her face in disgust. Joshua sat up and broke into a short cry.

“Mummy welcome. Daddy welcome” he sobbed, rubbing his eyes with the back of his left hand. Roland scratched his head and looked at Thomas.

“Oya… sorry…” began Thomas referring to his first son. “Come.” Joshua stood up and sat next to him.

“You are a big boy now o. All this noise we were making and you were still sleeping”

“Don’t mind him. Sleepy head” added Deborah.

“Debby, that was too much now…” Nneka could not hold it in anymore.

Roland cleared his throat again. He tried to change the subject before another argument about how to take care of children ensued between the two women. He wondered like his wife why those who have children don’t seem to value them as much as those who don’t. Soon enough, the Tarighas were back to their own wing and the Ndukwe’s was quiet again. Nneka and Roland went back inside after spending some time admiring the Heavens together. Roland locked the door.

“Back to our good old house”

Nneka stood akimbo, thumbs in her pockets, staring at the chairs. “Have to clean up a bit”, she murmured. Roland didn’t particularly like the expression on her face.

“Time for the news”, he said, grabbing the remote control device from the top of one of the side stools. Nneka was still standing by herself. He wondered what next to expect. He turned to look at her and she suddenly broke down, crying.


She walked briskly away and ran up the stairs. Roland went after her. “I thought this had passed” he murmured to himself. Half way up the stairs, he hesitated and went back to check the kitchen doors leading out to the backyard. Nneka had locked herself in the room before he got back.

“Nneka open the door now, why are you acting like this?”

The only response he got was sobs. He banged at the door so hard the neighbour heard.

“They are at it again,” whispered Deborah to her husband “Na wa o”

“It’s a pity. I hope God helps them soon”

“But her behaviour is just crazy. Does she want us to leave our children with her permanently?” laughed Deborah.

Thomas did his best to suppress his amusement. Deeply thinking about the mater one would realise it was not that funny what the Ndukwes were going through. He motioned to his wife to lower her voice further; both families shared a wall so one could easily be heard if one spoke loudly enough.

“Who knows what she did,” whispered Deborah, standing from the bed and moving closer to her husband. There was silence.

“What do you mean by ‘what she did’?” asked Thomas.

“Don’t be naïve Thomas. Some babes after killing several babies in their youth decide to join Pentecostal churches and think God would just wipe away their sins and forget the past sins. Merciful God” Deborah laughed and made a mock sign of the cross.

“God’s right hand woman!” retorted Thomas while grappling with his fancy guinea brocade shirt, undressing.

“I thought God is known to be merciful. Besides, I actually think it’s those who did evil when they were young that have children fastest. After all, you are not perfect are you?”

“I never committed any abortions!”

“Like abortion is the only sin. Please calm down jare. You need reminders, abi?”

Deborah heard one of her children scream and ran out of the bedroom. “What is it now? I can’t leave these children alone for just five minutes!”


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How would you handle the situation if you found out after the wedding that your spouse cannot have children?