Till Death – Excerpts – 17th November 2013

“What? “, replied Walt, rubbing in some aftershave cream. “What is this baby? Are you spying on me?”

“I don’t have to spy on you my dear. Everyone in Ontario sees the two of you together at restaurants”

“Honey Bernice is my colleague, we are bound to be together sometimes”

“What do you guys do together at work, huh? You are an engineer; she is on the cabin crew! What could you guys possibly have in common professionally? Huh? Where do your roles meet?”

“Honey you are raising your voice, you will wake everyone”

“Walt … what do you guys work at by 9:00 pm in restaurants when you should be with your family?”

She had lowered her voice but had such a strong tinge of sarcasm in her voice that it would have been better if she had yelled at a hundred decibels.

“Look Roseline, I really do not have time for this. We had a rough flight today and I really need some space … OK look … I enjoy being with Bernice but I am not sleeping with her OK? So you just have to live with it”


“What?” Ebere whispered, shocked. Her mind reeled.

“… enjoy being with Bernice … ?”

“… live with it …? “


How could he say things like that? Ebere stood up and went towards the veranda. The sliding door was locked so she just looked through the glass for a moment then turned back.

“You are not sleeping with her huh? Well I hope you are kissing her like you did the hotel manager in Denver! OK! I hope you are! You think I have forgotten?”

“Rose, that’s not fair. That’s in the past. You are not supposed to bring up the past. Besides, I was not kissing Brenda, we kissed only once and it was an accident!”

“An accident. Yeah right! Well then be careful while flying with Bernice! Goodnight!”