Till Death – Excerpts – 17th July, 2011

I have been sooo busy that I have not written a single line in more than two weeks! In fact, I just bought a second notebook today so I can carry on (yes, I write with a pen! Already do enough on computers at work). Today, I will share with you the last two pages I wrote till date; it’s the beginning of Chapter 5.

Excerpt Starts Here

Whether man was created or evolved from lower ‘creatures’ is still a subject of hot debate among the most adept intellectuals on earth. Whether man was created or evolved is difficult for most people to categorically answer but it is obvious that that man is man – white, black, mongoloid, Latino, English, Chinese, Yoruba, Igbo…. Man is man, same internal organs, same inner being, when all is said and done.

Dupe was healing fast, Bobby was growing, Mrs Eluigwe was thinking about returning to her own home, Eno was bonding with the Eluigwe’s, Sophia was gaining grounds in Emeka’s heart and Emeka was in a struggle between his renewed wife and his new ‘love’.

“Roland, the truth is that I never really meant for any of this to happen”

“But you let it happen. Emeka, if you don’t take responsibility for this, you will not be able to stop now that something serious has not happened. And I hope something serious really has not happened”

“The situation is complex”

“There is nothing complex about the situation, Emeka. You are simply a married man, a married Christian, A married born again Christian who cannot afford extra marital affairs!”

“You are talking as though you have never had feelings for anyone apart from Nneka”

“Feelings or no feelings, we should all know when to draw the lines with women we are not married to, especially gold-diggers like Sophia”

“Is that the problem? You think she is a gold digger?”

“The problem, Emeka, is that she is not your wife! Full stop!”

“OK. How do you expect me to stop? Should I just stop talking to her? That would be unfair. Besides, we are still working together.” Emeka was hysterical; he spread his palms, as sign of some degree of helplessness.

“Emeka, ‘Satan has desired to sift you as wheat’. Better be careful, else Satan will use that girl to ruin you and your marriage. Why can’t she go and look for her own man for goodness sakes? I can tell you for free that believers do not normally get away with what unbelievers get away with, especially prominent believers like you”

“Anyway”, continued Roland, “this is not even the place to talk about this”

They stood facing each other some distance from their families. They had come to the famous Oniru beach this Saturday afternoon for a joint picnic. Their wives sat under the shade of a palm tree eating and chatting with Mrs Eluigwe. Linda came along too and helped keep Bobby busy.

Both men walked back to the shade and sat down, some tension showing on their faces much as they tried to hide it.

“What were you two yelling about at the centre of the beach?”

“Yelling” We were not yelling o”

“Shouting” added Linda, making everyone laugh.

Roland could have given Linda a trophy for saving him from answering that question. Nneka did not like unanswered questions. Roland only prayed his wife would not raise the issue later when they were back home.

Excerpts End Here

I am sure looking forward to a much less hectic week so I can carry on. All the best.