Till Death: Canadian Conversation “Uno”

IdCanadaI just had an amazing chat with a friend of mine living in Canada who has just started reading Till Death. Here it is virtually untouched:



Kenneth Igiri:  Good Morning=-d

Kenneth Igiri:  Www.igiribooks.com/feedback
Kenneth Igiri:   When u r done reading please
=*Diadem Idee*CA**NG*: Lolz
=*Diadem Idee*CA**NG*:  U sure made the book for Africans
=*Diadem Idee*CA**NG*: First observation
=*Diadem Idee*CA**NG*: Not globally?
=*Diadem Idee*CA**NG*: Picture Received
=*Diadem Idee*CA**NG*:  Then 1st chapter is too detailed into describing =-)
=*Diadem Idee*CA**NG*: My opinion to u not a feedback to d world lolz
=*Diadem Idee*CA**NG*: Am enjoying it coz i have missed all those Nigerian use of English
=*Diadem Idee*CA**NG*: Nice so far till finish i will give a proper feedback
=*Diadem Idee*CA**NG*: =-d
=*Diadem Idee*CA**NG*: *i finish
Kenneth Igiri:  Cool
Kenneth Igiri:  It’s selling Africa to the world
Kenneth Igiri:  Like Hollywood has sold America to the world
Kenneth Igiri:  We use their culture so much that u are saying it’s not global because it is not American …lol
=*Diadem Idee*CA**NG*: Lol
=*Diadem Idee*CA**NG*: Ahh
Kenneth Igiri:  True now
Kenneth Igiri:  You have subconsciously evaluated the content based on an American worldview
Kenneth Igiri:  If you grew up in India u may not say that it is not global
=*Diadem Idee*CA**NG*: Nope
Kenneth Igiri:  So part of the objective is to show the world how life is in Africa.
=*Diadem Idee*CA**NG*: Just saying Africans ll understand it better
Kenneth Igiri:  It’s not like Tinsel exactly
Kenneth Igiri:  Yeah true
=*Diadem Idee*CA**NG*: A white person might not find it so interesting as i am
Kenneth Igiri:  Africans will understand better and those who want to know more about Africa will seek to understand
=*Diadem Idee*CA**NG*: Coz it a my culture i understand d slangs used
=*Diadem Idee*CA**NG*: Exactly
Kenneth Igiri:  But u will agree that the reason we now understand Hollywood is because we have been bombarded with it
=*Diadem Idee*CA**NG*: But Americans or Britain English is acceptable anywhere in the world
Kenneth Igiri:  Our parents do not understand
=*Diadem Idee*CA**NG*: Not coz am basing it on American standard
=*Diadem Idee*CA**NG*: We r in a new generation
Kenneth Igiri:  We also do not full understand Indian films much less Indian books if u have ever come across any
=*Diadem Idee*CA**NG*: And things  r getting better
=*Diadem Idee*CA**NG*:  Its translated
=*Diadem Idee*CA**NG*: India movies
=*Diadem Idee*CA**NG*:  To me its a nice book just sayimg my opinion
=*Diadem Idee*CA**NG*:  Dont be defensive Mr igiri
Kenneth Igiri:  Oh no am not being defensive
Kenneth Igiri:  Just showing the intent
=*Diadem Idee*CA**NG*: Just saying i guess u didnt make this for global use
Kenneth Igiri:  It’s for global use. Like a fabric sewn with Ankara
=*Diadem Idee*CA**NG*: Ok
Kenneth Igiri:  Originally african
=*Diadem Idee*CA**NG*: Cool
Kenneth Igiri:  U get?
=*Diadem Idee*CA**NG*: I get d drift now
Kenneth Igiri:  Cool
Kenneth Igiri:  Glad
=*Diadem Idee*CA**NG*: That’s d whole idea
Kenneth Igiri:  Ankara is originally african but we can make the world buy it
Kenneth Igiri:  Like they have made us buy ties and wear them at 30 degrees
=*Diadem Idee*CA**NG*: Still reading when am done will give my feedback
Kenneth Igiri:  Great
Kenneth Igiri:  Thanks
=*Diadem Idee*CA**NG*: Hmmm
=*Diadem Idee*CA**NG*: Lolz
=*Diadem Idee*CA**NG*: I hear u sir
Kenneth Igiri:  I wish this short conversation was audio. I would have published it on youtube
=*Diadem Idee*CA**NG*: Ahahh=)) =d



I would still love your feedback on the books. Stay blessed!!!