Till Death – Excerpts -13 June 2011

The following excerpt is from Chapter 4. Dupe has returned from hospital after her accident and has to use crutches for a while. Sister Eno comes in once in a while to help her out in the house. On this particular day, their conversation goes deeper than normal.

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Once in a while Sister Eno came over to the Eluigwe’s in her modest Volkswagen Golf to help Dupe and her mother-in-law with the housework. She always had something to teach and had begun to have profound influence on Dupe’s life. Some people do say that tragic experiences have a way of changing people and indeed the Father succeeds more often than not in getting His children’s attention using the works of the Enemy.

“You fry your egusi first abi?” asked Eno as she unpacked items she had just brought in form the market.

“Yes, Please”

“I added locust beans. It wasn’t on your list. I hope you guys like it.”

“Of course. I must have forgotten”

“OK. Gimmie a few minutes let me put the meat on fire then we can talk”

“OK” answered Dupe, smiling. She stretched herself on the sofa while Eno walked into the kitchen.

“So…” began Eno as she stepped out of the kitchen a few minutes later.

“… How have you been?”


“Hope you have been taking your drugs and exercising your legs? All this lying around is not good for you o”

Dupe laughed.

“It’s just because you are here.  I do a lot of work with Mama normally. And if Bobby was awake, he would have been all over me sef.”

“OK. Nice to know”

Sister Eno pulled a side stool close to Dupe’s head and sat down. Her poise showed Dupe that some teaching was about to come forth. She often wondered how Sister Eno gained such depth of understanding of the Bible. She could deliver effortlessly in public as well as one-on-one. She was so natural in her explanation of things that everyone in church craved to be in her class.

“How has it been with your husband?”

“Fine shaa…”


Eno studied her face.

“So what is wrong?” she asked after a moment of silence.

“Well, Sister Eno… the truth is that it’s not exactly the same”


“I mean it’s very difficult for us in bed and he hardly tries anyway”

“I understand. Don’t worry, it will be OK soon. A few more weeks and you will be running hundred metres’ dash”

“Yeah, right” laughed Dupe.


Dupe considered for a minute or two what else about her marriage she wanted to let Eno know. She needed to talk to someone and she needed someone she could trust. She felt she could trust Sister Eno but had a small problem with the fact that the thirty-nine-year-old sweet, reasonably pretty lady wasn’t married. It was one of those mysteries that life throws people in the face. What could have stopped such a pretty-looking, homely Christian lady from getting married? Was it her weight? Did she do something wrong when she was younger? Did she not want to get married for some reason? Were there demons influencing her life?



“Ah! Why did you startle? What are you thinking about?”

“Nothing”, Dupe smiled one of those smiles that betray you completely.

“OK. Is there something else you would like to tell me or ask me?”

Dupe sat up carefully. Eno helped her put her legs down.

“Sister Eno. Emeka and I have been married almost three years… “


“… Some things have just been happening that make me wonder whether he is the same person… I don’t know shaa, maybe we are both just getting tired of the whole thing…”

“Sister Dupe…”

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