The following is an excerpt from a message delivered by Rev. Albert Ocran at ICGC Christ temple on 14th August 2016. I found it really, really inspiring.


Five Characteristics of the Eagle

  1. The Eagle operates from an elevated position. it builds its nest on the edge of a cliff where most people tend to avoid. To rise like an eagle we must lift ourselves above the ideas of the crowd at the bottom. Forgiveness is an example of an elevated position. [Ref. Job 39:27-28, I Corinthians 13:21]


  1. The Eagle has vision and strategic focus. Your elevation determines your perspective. The Eagle has strength of vision and is able to look straight at the sun without going blind. The Eagle has two centres of focus (20-20 vision). It can see the hare running far below on land and at the centre time see a fish swimming inside a stream far to the left of the hare and have both in focus simultaneously. [Job 39:29]


  1. The Eagle has a sense of speed and urgency. The targets of an eagle are typically moving targets so it has no time to waster or be hesitant. The Eagle would typically lock its gaze on its prey an swoop suddenly. The man who is like an eagle is able to lock his gaze on an objective and stay on it no matter what challenges come up. He moves quickly, understanding that such objectives are not waiting for him and others may also be pursuing the same objectives. [Ref. Job 9:26]


  1. The Eagle moves effortlessly. It tests the strength of currents at high altitude and heads straight for strong currents that will give it leverage and spare it the need to slap wings. With a wing span of about 6 ft, the Eagle is able to soar at 10000ft by preserving energy. The eagle personality does not pursue all objectives at all times. He deliberates discovers what opportunities are for him and moves at the right time. [Ref. Proverbs 30:18-19]


  1. The Eagle is committed to relationships. it is about the only bird that practices monogamy. The female eagle would typically test the prospective male several times by dropping a twig in mid air and expecting the mail to bring the twig back to her. Test must come before trust. It is foolish to enter a business relationship and make a full payment before the goods are delivered. It is important to study agreements thoroughly before signing.


Eight Birds and Why God Does Not Use them as Good Examples:

  1. The Parrot – Simply repeats what someone else said. Has no originality or authenticity. A typical tale bearer.


  1. The Nightingale – Always has its mouth open. It is not a good listener and fails to be silent even at the risk of death. It is a naïve bird and does not understand its environment. Talented at singing but not informed. The Nightingale personality fails to research issues properly and typically takes decisions based on very sparse information.


  1. The Crow – Has the appearance of sophistication but settles for rubbish. Some folk appear very sophisticated in their looks but simply do not impress one when one gets close and, for example, attempts to have an intelligent discussion. Great leaders have a consistent life, crows are typically known for double standards.


  1. The Duck – Swims in shallow waters. Any mention of a massive vision scares the duck personality. He is simply satisfied with remaining at a certain level of life. Others may but he cannot. [Psalm 107:23-24]


  1. The Turkey – A great talker. Simply fails to act.



  1. The Vulture – A scavenger feeding off dead and rotten things. Some people simple live off dead things, always attempting to dismiss others based on what they know about the past.


  1. The Peacock – Sees only three things – I, me, myself. Arrogant and self-centered. A person towing this line is not happy with any celebration that is not about him or her. He or she believes the entire world must revolve around him/her.


  1. Ostrich – Full of unrealized potential. This birth is the next best bird, if you wish, asides the Eagle. It can even run up to 65mph but it simply fails to fly. Those who almost get great things done fall into this category.


I located parts of myself in the list of birds. I do hope you find this helpful too. 🙂