The Paintbrush


During the message today Dr. Otabil while illustrating the concept of a seeing a vision for one’s life he mentioned the ambition of a young boy who wanted to sell charcoal! That was his life’s vision. It may be shocking to you reading this that the little boy did not want to be a doctor or a lawyer or a scientist like most little kids would say. The question becomes how and why did he develop such an ambition? What brush painted this vision on his mind?




The story has it that he admired the why a particular charcoal seller was known to set up his charcoal heaps in his neighbourhood. I am sure you would agree that was somewhat noble. He admired the diligence, the aesthetics, and the meticulous way in which the older Charcoal Seller set up his … charcoal. He admired the hard work, the consistency demonstrated by his mentor who probably spent his life selling … charcoal.




The truth is, in that boys Nima neighbourhood, there may not have been much other that an articulate Charcoal Seller to aspire to. The visions of our lives are often painted by a variety of phenomena but except something unseen is shown to us by The Highest, our visions are merely painted in our minds by our environment. What we can see of the future at any point in time is very much determined by what we are exposed to. Our long term visions can only be improved if we improve our exposure. The picture of life in our souls is painted by what we encounter.