The Girl Who Would Not Move

defiant girlOn Sunday I spent about fifteen minutes trying to get an adolescent girl to move seats in her Sunday School class. You see, the arrangement is that one of the kids acts like an usher in the class getting everyone to fill up the  front seats first. This young lady simply refused to move forward. I insisted until she moved though unhappily.


Why Did I Insist?

Well I believe we  have to learn to obey constituted authority early in life. I perceived her as being defiant and headstrong a value which was not venerated when I was young and should not be venerated in those who are coming after me. I insisted because I did  not think she had a valid reason to remain in the seat she had chosen for herself. I insisted because I wanted the other children to get a certain message and not to copy this type of behaviour.


Why Did She Not Want to Move

the only reason this young lady gave for not moving is that she ” didn’t feel like sitting there..”. I did not like the implication of this: she had possibly been raised to think that she can always get what she feels she should get, that she only needs to do what she feels like doing, that no one should make her do something she does not want to do. Well in my estimation, that is not the way real life works and if anyone is going to grow up useful to themselves they have to realize that.


So What?

I do think as we raise our children, we must disconnect for the popular soft training methods that may be what is destroying a generation in the US. Liberal thinking often does not build strong institutions, strong institutions must be build by strict discipline. A family is the smallest unit which represents an institution. I would submit that we need to take more seriously the trend towards subtle methods of rebellion in our growing children and address it very forcefully. What do you think?