The Game, the Rules and the Players

I learnt they want to rule Nigeria. Or is it lead Nigeria? One calling himself a leader rather than a ruler may try to do a word play around the terms but I think that if a country does not seem to be going anywhere just yet, the nomenclature at the helm of affairs would probably be the least important issue. A leader lets the people decide and points the appropriate direction. A leader has vision! A ruler is autocratic and tells the people what they must do. Really? Leaders? So where are they taking us to? Rulers? Well, so let them tell us what to do then!


They call it a game. A game. 170 million people and it is a game. A vast majority with very little hope of three square meals and it is a game? Thousands of lives being lost and it is a game? Untold billions of public funds in private bank accounts and it is a game? I do not think it is a game. I think it is serious business! That said, I ask why they are playing. Why do the ruler and leader want to be at the helm of affairs at all costs? Why the character assassination? Why the propaganda? Why the sudden abrupt attention to crucial national issues previously ignored for years? Why this late in his life? Why a second time for him? What are the motives? We can never really tell can we? We cannot tell why until someone wins this game!


Are these our best players? Will Nigeria win or do we just have to live another four years with one of the players winning again, looting again, lying to us again, enriching friends and family again, ignoring us again until it’s time to play again? Why do the players want to win? Are these our best players? We have been forced into a corner, placed in a precarious situation. There are only two players and we must choose one. Maybe we would rather have had more players. Maybe we want neither the ruler nor the leader. Maybe we would like to have more options. Alas, the game must be played tomorrow. We are in a corner!


What are the rules? Are there any rules at all? They seem to have broken even the simple rules delivered to us by our own consciences. They seem unaware of the basic courtesies we learn by simply being human. Or have they lost those as well? Conscience, humanity. The treasury is being looted because someone must win. People are being beaten up because someone must win. Foreign reserves are depleting, voters’ cards are being mass produced for non-existent voters, arms are being imported …. Are there ANY rules at all?


Some of us simply cannot wait for the game to be over. Some of us wonder whether the results will be worth it. Tomorrow is 28th March, 2015 and I hope we are not about to play again.