The Creative Plane

I was at a seminar once and I heard the speaker say something like ‘You cannot be a millionaire working for someone’. He was probably right! Just a few weeks later I heard ‘gist’ of staff that got up to 10 million naira in bonus (exclusive of salaries) ‘working for someone’. Someone reacted to my Facebook post on the matter stating that having 10 million doesn’t make you a millionaire and he could very well be right too.

I thought about the issue again this weekend and I combined it with a thought I had some months ago about what really creates wealth on the earth. I think that the issue is not really working for someone or not working for someone, becoming a millionaire or not becoming a millionaire. (By the way, if everyone became a millionaire, we might really not need the word millionaire anymore). The real issue I think is playing one’s exact role on the earth. People who play roles that they are excellent at tend to become quite successful at it on the earth and possible also quite rich.

In addition, I have also noticed that roles requiring digging into what I call The Creative Plane tend to create more wealth – roles like Software Development, Graphic Arts, Music, Film production, Show Business, Fashion, Engineering, most kinds of Research and the like. Of course, this list is not exclusive and I am in no way saying everyone should join the arts or become programmers, I am saying I observed that if there is something you do that requires creativity, intuition or those subtle skills whose procedures cannot always be explicitly documented, there is a chance that you can create great wealth from it.

One significant example of someone who played his role is Joseph, Prime Minister of Egypt in the 19 Century BC or so. He worked for Pharaoh but he was indeed and Entrepreneur. He sustained Egypt and the world for at least seven years with food grown in Egypt in the previous seven years. His impact on Egypt was so strong that even though he was a Hebrew, when he went to bury his father in Palestine, the locals named the place of burial Abelmizraim which is interpreted ‘the mourning of the Egyptians’.

I should give two warnings on this though however: (1) The wealth you create by delving into the creative plane may not always come to you. For example, most inventors were not rich but businessmen, who bought their inventions, became rich. (2) Being a creator or innovator is not the same as being a ‘copier’ of existing creations. You can only make a mark by delving into the creative plane.

Have a great week and be creative whether you work for someone or not.

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The bibl says thet in every labour is profit – I believe that in whatever a man does lies the seed for God to bless that man.