The 2060 Dream

I was at a book launch today. It was not the regular book launch, it was a part of the effort of an admirable Social Entrepreneur to influence the course of his nation by shaping the lives of the nation’s future leaders. I am sure that the amount of minds raised at this launch was far more than the amount of millions raised. Most attendees were very young people who will be leading Nigeria in the right direction forty-nine to fifty years from now.


The 2060 Dream is an inspirational which communicates the writer’s burden for a new crop of well-formed leaders who will deliver our nation from the darkness of the last 50 years. The primary target readers of this book are those presently in secondary school or just leaving secondary school. The writer is consistently making efforts to challenge these young ones to deep thought on the future of their nation. He has a ten-year vision to distribute free copies of this book in secondary schools throughout Nigeria over the next ten years.


Reading the book like the reviewer pointed out, is like listening to the writer, Michael Oluwaseun Bangbade, speak passionately about his vision. The reviewer, Deji Ogunnubi, rightly pointed out that each line in the book is like a compressed bundled of thought which the reader can expand to several pages in his or her mind. The book delivers the writer’s passion, sense of purpose and vision for a new breed of leaders. It appears his life’s goal is to help fill the gap left by our present set of leaders who to a large extent have failed to be proper mentors to the rising generation. Michael’s burden is that the last fifty years will not be repeated by 2060.


During the launch today, I was impressed by the enthusiasm, intelligence and curiosity of the young people present. I was also challenged by the lady and gentleman who spoke at the event. I saw again that we do have a great future as a nation and that we do have a chance to make right in our children whatever it was that went wrong with our fathers.


You can connect with the vision on Facebook by joining the group The 2060 Brand.