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When you start something new whether it’s a business, a sport, a job or whatever it is, there is often some hesitation about letting people know. That hesitation may come from your not wanting people to laugh at you or copy your idea; it could also be that you are not sure how long this ‘new fad’ will last so you just don’t want to make too much noise about it. Well, keeping quiet is good sometimes but when you need people to expand your territory, you definitely have to tell them about it.

Volume is very powerful when making any kind of impact. In business for example, a small profit margin could turn out to be millions of naira if millions of people buy your product. An event could turn out magnificent just by having a massive attendance and a website could generate very serious statistics when enough people know it exists.

If you are doing something new and you need people, tell them! If you need help, tell an inner circle of friends but if you need customers, broadcast it from the rooftops. Your rooftop need not be expensive. It might just be Bulk SMS, Facebook Ads, Blackberry broadcasts or even Word-of-Mouth (my goodness that one is powerful!). Whichever way you choose, just let people know.

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Alright then bye for now….

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Now self publishing helps u tell everyone by not just
Shouting at d rooftop but shouting to d whole world.