Driving into a fuel station for a refill. The car has a fuel tank capacity of about 60 liters. While the pump attendant filled the tank, a motorcyclist also rode in to the second pump. Before I knew it, the motorcycle was full and the rider rode off while the car was still at the pump.

I got there before the motorcyclist but he left before me. It suddenly occurred to me that it would be absolutely silly of me to think “I got here before him. How come he is leaving before me?” Why? Our capacity is not the same. The truth is there are times in life when we are stuck at the pump of divinity.

Those who came in behind us have gone ahead of us; those who learnt from you seem to have outran you; those who graduated years after you are now the ones calling the shot and it seems as though you are stuck.

Could it just be that your capacity is bigger than theirs? Could it be that your own assignment needs longer preparation?
Could it be that your character is
being formed for the task ahead?
You do not know what you need.
Only the One who designed the journey knows what is important.
Why don’t you hold on?

People will often say my mates are doing this…..
My mates have done that …..
My mates have this…
My mates are now….
But I’m still here doing, having, nothing……..

It is important to know that you spent nine months of formation in your mother’s womb alone and you were given birth to alone even if you’re a twin. Therefore never classify anyone as your mate.

God’s dealings with/in your life is never an estimation of what is happening in the life of your friend or colleagues. God’s dealing in your life is VERY PERSONAL and unique and should never be an estimation of physical and tangible things.

Take your gaze off other people’s path and concentrate on the race, speedometers are different. You Will earn your own medal!

God bless you all……