Someone Broke the Chain

I know someone who issued a cheque on Monday last week and it was eventually cleared and his account credited on Friday evening. When I counted the number of days between Monday and Friday, I arrived at almost five! But the bank insists its three days so I have begun considering reviewing my counting techniques (maybe I should have started from ‘three’).

The basic reason why he paid in a cheque was the he needs to send money to his family and a business partner back home. He had opened a foreign account at this new bank just so he could do international transfers. So why didn’t he just use his original bank for foreign transfers? Good question. Well, on the three occasions when he spent his precious, God-given time in his banks queue  to take advantage of their very fast and efficient international money transfer service he has been told three different, laudable and very brief stories that boil down to the fact that he could not use the service.

If I remember correctly, the second story had to do with a technical hitch. The application was down, most  likely because the database was down, most likely because the database kind in use was not supported in-house, most likely because …. Well, let me just stop there. I’ll pass the other two stories for the purpose of this post.

Now the sad part is that my dear friends goods are tied down somewhere because he has not been able to send money home. Let me go over the story backwards so you will get the point:

Goods are tied down. Why?

Money has not been sent. Why?

Transfer has not been initiated. Why?

Cheque has just been cleared. Why?

Dunno! Why cheque

Transfer not working at original bank. Why?

Story Story Story. Why


Please let’s break the chain but see the point. Wherever you are sitting at your workplace, or Church or NGO or even in your family, you have the capacity to frustrate someone else’s efforts very effectively by what you do or fail to do. It is advised that you do not use that privilege. Remember, we are all connected.

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