Good day folks! The following is from Chapter 3 of Single:

He recalled the description his pastor back in Lagos had given to that word ‘iniquity’. A flaw in the person’s being. A flaw that manifests as a series of sins when given the opportunity. A flaw that can be hidden for ages until the opportunity is given for a full expression. A flaw that cannot be hidden forever.

Philip made the last left turn into Abena’s street and gradually came to a halt in front of a rust, old red gate left ajar. It never ceased to amaze him how little attention most Ghanaians in middle class neighbourhoods paid to basic security. They definitely were not used to robbery incidents and probably were not prepared for the frequent incidents of burglaries and armed robberies in the few years before and up till then. Some claimed that the crime rate increased in Accra as Nigerians moved into Ghana in their droves looking for business and stable Universities. Nigerians!

After collecting his thoughts, Philip stepped out of the car and shut it carefully, still looking sombre from deep thoughts. He walked through the gate. The main house was an old house, possibly build as far back as the sixties. He glanced at the porch and said hello to three women sitting on plastic chairs chatting pleasantly. Philip did his best to smile while walking past them towards the back of the house. Abena lived in what some would call the Boys’ Quarters behind the main building. It was a little more modern having been built much more recently when the landlady wanted to make better use of the land after her husband’s death. The cream coloured walls still looked acceptably fresh.

The entire structure was three rooms or better put three apartments since each front door led into an area complete with a living room, bedroom, kitchen and bathroom for each occupant. Philip went round and knocked on the middle room, Abena’s.

“Heiiii… my boyfriend that divorced me!” She exclaimed while unlocking the door. She had seen him through the window.

Philip simply laughed. He never responded to gestures from ladies suggesting intimacy even though he did not reject them explicitly either. He actually enjoyed such affection.

“How are you?” Abena continued.

“I am fine, Abena.”

“Please come in”

She was all smiles and visibly excited at seeing him. She never hugged him though, hardly even touched him. Philip perceived her as considering him a good friend and he was impressed with her self control and sense of emotional togetherness. he could hardly see through her though at some subtle moment like the first time he took her picture, how had noticed what seemed to be intense blushes hidden under a serious look. he was not quite sure what to do with all that. his problem with her was that while she was very moral and sound in her way of life, she never went to church except on invitation or for some special events. on his part he had hardly ever explicitly discussed the gospel with her except for a certain book he had given her to read. She seemed very unconcerned about spiritual things.

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