WARNING: The title of this book may change before being published. Ha Ha Ha Ha.

Here are excerpts from pages 116 to 119

Sandra gave him a look that made him drop his hands quickly. “Please move”

She moved towards Helen who was still standing close to Philip’s Toureg. Sandra’s heavy figure ought to have made Helen, a size eight, wary about having a face-off with her. Sandra moved towards Helen and noticed the defiance in her face. She gave a her soft push. The security men tried to hold her back.

“Look! Small girl! If you try me this evening I will wake you up from whatever they have given you to drink. better shut up and go play with you mates! Nonsense”

Four men struggled to hold Sandra back. it was such an interesting scene for those who loved to watch others fight. A fight was brewing here. Between two women. It was one of those awkward moments when a quarrel breaks out and someone who is smart enough realizes there is more to  it that the little step on the toe that was visible to everyone. There was certainly more to this matter than the fact that Sandra had blocked Helen’s car. Even the Security Guards new.

Abena was close. She had been walking briskly towards Philip’s car. She knew that car quite well. Maybe this slim lady had deliberately chose to stand by it for this face off.


“Abena come and see this mosquito…”

“Bundle her away! If not I will call the police!” Helen could not be silenced. Her eyes widened. She kept her distance but kept raising her voice, threatening and insulting the ladies, sweating profusely while at it.

“Madam, what is this about? Is it just the car or something else?” Abena asked. She did not wait for an answer.

“Sandra please let me have the keys. Let’s go”

“Who is your Madam? Idiot!” Helen snapped. Sizing her with disdain in her eyes. Abena heard the words faintly. she had turned her attention away towards Sandra.

Abena managed to drag Sandra away with a little help from the dumbfounded security guards. This time she drove. She had just crossed the gate, giving the guards time to burst out in a round of laughter in their ‘office’ when it was as though Sandra’s frenzy resumed:

“Oh God, Oh God!” She yelled, “Abena you should have let me deal with  that mosquito! What nonsense. She doesn’t know her size. O!”

Abena kept quiet. She was visibly angry. Not at the slim, stylish young woman who had embarrassed them in front of Philip’s office and not at Philip himself. She was angry at herself for letting this trip to his office happen in the first place. She vowed to herself not to let it happen again. That little lady would not have had the effrontery to initiate that face off of there was nothing going on between them. Office Wife! Her phone rang. Sandra picked and put the phone in Her left cheek.

“Hi Abena. Where are you?” It was Philip.

“I left.”

“Left? What’s wrong?” He was standing by his car. Helen had long gone right behind the ladies and Philip was turning his head back and forth in the now scanty car park looking for Abena as though she would be hidden under one of the ten to twelve cars now left at the front of the brightly lit car park.

Abena hesitated and then let it out: “Your office wife chased us away. I guess she was afraid we were coming to snatch her husband!”


“I am driving! I will talk to you later… Bye.”

“Ok..” The line was dead before he finished the two letter word.



Abena was pensive. Sandra was silent. maybe this was her fault after all. how could she have know the young man was some kind of philanderer knocking women’s heads together. The way Abena spoke about him it was as if she had him all to herself. but no one had Philip. Philip had himself and managed to give those he cared about their portion of his time. the time allocated to each lady was good enough to satisfy them and position them as very dear to him. Perception is everything.

It was in no way deliberate. he was not really trying to knock  heads together. he was not trying to have all the ladies. One could even claim they were trying to have him. he was just being nice and he did care about each princess in his ‘harem’ . He just did not consider any of them his girlfriend or anything close to that. Girlfriend? No! not even Zainab.

Helen was still on the road when Philip called. She picked the call using her bluetooth device.

“Hi Philip. Surprise, surprise. I thought we were not talking to each other!” She sounded in high spirits though she did not smile. they say one can tell if you are smiling over the phone. The excitement in her voice could not have given away her near-death experience a few minutes previously. Philip hesitated now wondering if she was actually the one Abena had encountered. He had assumed it was her since she had called early claiming his bank girlfriends were looking for him.

“Did you meet  two ladies who came to see me before you left the office?”

“Yeah…any issue?”

Should he ask this question and how should ask it safely. She hadn’t been on talking terms with Helen for weeks. If he had assumed wrong then this would probably extend the malice another few months.

“Did you speak with them by any chance?”

Helen paused. Then spoke again, with a little less excitement.

“What did they tell you? That I fought with them? They blocked my car and I simply asked them to move. Why should they block my car? …” The excitement was back … in the other direction.

“So the issue was your car?”

“Yes! It was my car. ”

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