Self Publishing

A number of people have asked me why I chose to publish Njansi abroad. I simply reply that one of the biggest attractions was the global exposure given to the book. Njansi is available on Amazon, E-Bay, Barnes and Noble, WHSmith, Better World Books and several other online book stores from the US to Europe, India to Australia, South Africa and back to Nigeria! A Google search will convince anyone that the book is indeed global.

I got to know about Authohouse’s Book Publishing package through an email advert. I ignored the first mail but a few weeks or so later I go another mail offering a 40% discount (it normally costs at least £795.00 to publish a book at Authorhouse). I decided to give it a shot that’s when I started talking with Derek Pastrana, my first Publishing Consultant.

Self-publishing allows the writer to own his work and be completely responsible for it. There are downsides of this method such as the cost borne by the writer and the fact that you are likely to be responsible for the editing and quality. In the case of Authorhouse, the process makes it possible to still preserve some degree of quality if the writer is careful enough. You will be required to sign a contract, review and sign the typed galley and cover before printing. In addition, Authorhouse uses print-on-demand so if you do end up making mistakes, you will have an opportunity to correct such without affecting too many copies.

Authorhouse also provides a variety of marketing solutions for which they will charge you. You may want to truy them out.


  1. wamene June 9, 2011 at 2:46 am

    A major set back I meant to type.

  2. wamene June 9, 2011 at 1:29 am

    Wow!for me,I think d idea is mind blowing.I know cost is the greatest challenge but hey,it saves you d stress of piracy and makes for originality.then again,marketing which is usually a major set of works like this in Nigeria is taken care of.
    The international spice is what makes u unique in your creativity,trust me,with this your book will be appreciated more abroad which for me puts you ahead of other authors in Nigeria.
    This brings to my mind d roll-call of great Nigerians on CNN like ASA,CHINUA ACHEBE etc who are so popular today because of their originality and unique ideas.
    You might not understand what u stand to achieve now but in time to come you will be glad u did this!
    Successful people at d top were not born there but rather they worked their way up there.
    “Good thinking,great product”!

    1. Kenneth Igiri June 9, 2011 at 11:02 am

      @ wamene: I am encourage and I do look forward to the future. More than popularity I look forward to the impression that cn be made on people’s souls, the change in ways of thinking….The arts – music, movies, books… – are powerful in determining the trend of public opinion and culture. Just imagine words like ‘duhh’, ‘yeah, right’ etc. These words were not know in nIgeria some ten years ago but behold DSTV and Hollywood combined forces to bring them to use. That’s a small example of the influence of culture through arts. There are several more serious and more profound effects….

  3. Chike May 26, 2011 at 11:38 am

    i remember this Milo advert song back in the 90s…

    “Great things start with small beginnings,
    Growing up, Reach early for your dreams,
    Face the day there’s a new challenge,
    A chance to be better,
    A chance to become your dream….”

    Publishing abroad is a very good idea, you won’t be surprised when a international body calls you for an award.
    Nice writing style on your website/blog, keep it up and keep ur readers glue…use pictures to back up your write-ups.
    Lastly, don’t keep too long before the next book comes up and do it big brother, one day one day u go make us proud.

    (“Chop and Quench” representing)

    1. Kenneth Igiri - Site Author May 29, 2011 at 12:34 pm

      Thanks Chike. pictures are a great idea. Will implement soon. God bless you. And no quench o, just grow fat. lol.