Salads and Smoothies

I have never eaten so much salad in my life! I remember a classic Seafood Salad I had sometime at Eddy’s Pizza. It was just classic. But these past few days have been unbelievably full of salad. Chicken Salad, Tuna Salad, Greek Salad, Caesar Salad. … huhh? I guess the new guys at Melkom Plus did not want to call it Roman Salad! Does slicing a bunch of steamed lettuce and adding a few pieces of hard salted protein make it worth fifteen cedis? Hei! When the dollar is rising….


You will not believe that on three or four occasions the ladies and gentlemen at Chicken Republic failed to include cutlery in my salad which I carried to work and had to borrow some at the office after whining a little. How does someone work at a restaurant and consistently forget to include cutlery in takeaway food. Aaaadein! Anyway, the Chicken Salad is not so bad. At least it’s cheaper than Bus Stop’s Tuna Salad. But of course, getting Tuna Salad at ten cedis is better than no Salad at the early sleepers.


Incidentally, I have not had this much Smoothies either. The say it’s all healthy food. The nice guy at Body Temple says the one he keeps giving me is some kind of “immune booster”. For goodness sakes I never fall ill, why would I need an immune booster? Well, it does taste nice doesn’t it? It is such a relief after fifteen minutes on the treadmill and another twenty growing muscles. Yes they are growing. Duhhh.


The interesting thing about all the smoothies and salads is that they come in nice plastic packs and trust me yours truly has been keeping them. J . It occurred to me that if a thousand people ate salad and smoothies for thirty days, we would end up with thirty thousand plastic cups and plastic plates. They can be reused or recycled. The can be made into something else. The can be cleaned up, sterilized and used to sell something else. Thirty thousand plastic plates and cups. Just thinking….