It was just this morning. There were three gates: the Children’s section, the Entrance and the Exit. The Entrance was shut so I tried to take the exit in. Navigated the horrible pot holes arrayed at the entrance to The Qodesh and I was just crossing the gate when the security man accosted me! What??? Did he say “Go Back”? But I am already in! And it’s not my fault! The entrance was shut what was I supposed to do?


Just then, Uncle P, in His usual soft but firm tone reminded me that just two weeks ago I had zealously turned people back on the staircase during Greater Works. They were walking not driving…. They had to climb back down the stairs, walk about three minutes and the climbed up again just because they had to pick or drop their kids. Well, Uncle P, I hear You. I calmed down then reversed. Meandered through the holes again and got myself parked at the Children’s section. I had to walk about a minute to get to Jesus Cathedral. But I had done it to others before hadn’t I?


I find that it is so easy to give instructions, teach, tell others what to do … be the boss and all. When the tables are turned, it takes a lot of humility and maturity to respond in that way you expected others to respond to you. How do you respond when the tables are turned for you?