Roads of Rivers

Half way through we were in the middle of the road, in the middle of water. The journey home was ever so slow. I had been driving for more than one and half hours and I still was not sure how much longer it would take to get home. A ten minute trip from Tesano to Awudome Estate had turned into a two and half hour ordeal. Accra Floods!


I was interestingly calm. What could I do? Other people were in worse situations, weren’t they? I noticed those wading through the water that was almost moving my car. Those drenched so hard their umbrellas and raincoats no longer made sense. Their faces shining with wetness, they just kept going, overcome by water while my glasses were wound up! Accra Floods!


Another unlucky set were those whose cars had stopped! I could not imagine what I would do if that happened to me. I prayed it would not. I feared it might when it got so deep, when the car seemed to move in the water … sideways! I definitely did not want to find myself stuck outside at past 9:00 PM with no umbrella and no car. OH! Accra Floods!


I finally got home at a few minutes to ten. Admired the leaks in the roof a bit and rounded off my day. That night I got messages from those who had bigger problems: some stuck in church, some lost loved ones, fire outbreak at a petrol station and so on. The next day was the real deal. More not so good news, more sadness, more fear, more predictions of more rain! Accra Floods!


I definitely did not want more rain. The bad news from the more than six hours of rain on 3rd June 2015 was enough for me. But folks shared predictions of more rain on Whatsapp so much I began to wonder whether the resulting fear and panic was stimulating for some people! Oh! Accra Floods! The more disturbing was the random display of flooded areas and dead bodies on Whatsapp. Accra Floods.


I hope this never happens again. I pray for grace for those who lost someone or something. Now I am hearing of an earthquake! In Accra? Oh! Mercy, Lord! Oh! Accra Floods.