DATE: 27TH APRIL, 2016


Njànsí is a book which talks about occultism and Christian life and how God can save even those who are lost. The book makes us understand how every unrealized mistake or action we take has its implications in our lives.  The book is written in a simple and very clear language. I must say, the author made very good use of suspense in the book. There is one particular character in the book that caught my attention her name was ‘Maureen’. Maureen is a Christian who believes everything is possible with God. She prays without ceasing and believes that dreams are sent to us by God as a message to us.

Most of the events and characters in seemed very real to me. Njànsí is a book that keeps every reader guessing. My favourite part of the book was in chapter four which was entitled PHYCHIC CRIMINALS. This is because those who do evil see those who do good to be a threat to them. The new church which had just been opened a short distance away from the temple of Lord Sesiri, on the same street got me anxious as to know what will happen next.  The sequential arrangement of the book was perfect. Scenes such as the mysterious scenes were written in a very good manner. I got scared when I read Njansi. The story kept me turning the pages over and over again.

The fact that the book was a cliff hanging book made me dislike it very much. I did not expect the story to have ended the way it did. I would have wanted the book to have had a different ending far from what the author wrote. I found it difficult to care about the main character called Njànsí. This is because he took the lives of innocent people in order to satisfy an ambition which ended him nowhere but distraction. I also liked the fact that he later on got saved by God and started preaching the truth (the Gospel of Jesus) to people he introduced into occultism. I can say that the story was very scary for my liking because I could not sleep a wink after reading it.

Njànsí is a book I will recommend Njànsí for all ages especially to teenagers and the youth who are seeking to be rich without wanting to do any hard work. A book like Njànsí is a book I have never come across before. If I were to rate the writer, I would have given him / her a mark of 85%. This is because when the book was getting interesting the story came to an end.