The first time I attended a seminar hosted by Bernard Kelvin Clive I wondered why it cost 100 Cedis. I wondered because I was expecting a huge attendance or maybe a lot of ‘big-wigs’ but I did realize later that the event had a certain personalized nature that was not particularly crowd-friendly.

The content was great, so good that after that seminar I started my podcasts for Njànsí. I did gain some rare, well articulated knowledge about podcasting particularly, knowledge which is not so common especially in this part of the world.

In May 2014, I bought a 250-page book written by Bernard Kelvin Clive which caught my attention originally because of the number of pages. I say that because a number of his books I have come across are kind of brief and to the point. I eventually started reading Rebrand, the Ultimate Guide to Personal Branding this year actually and I am on page 148. First of all I was greatly impressed with the amount of high level accolades the book had gotten from different parts of the world. Certainly Bernard Kelvin Clive if not a ‘small boy’ even though he lives such a simple life. The book is simply a classic. It is difficult to drop because it speaks of things that we are very much in touch with in this day and age – the use of Social Networks.

Bernard Kelvin Clive addresses what branding really means. Not self promotion but service. He touches on matters such as real, selfless networking and relationship building. He talks about things to do and not to do with Social Networks. He gives unbelievable detail on the correct use of Social Networks so as to project oneself correctly and create a positive image of oneself in our ever-shrinking global community. The amazing simplicity and depth of wisdom with which Bernard writes makes the book a great read.

If you run any kind of business or are interested in growing your career or even have the least thing doing related to Facebook, Tweeter, LinkedIn, Instagram etc., I strongly recommend this book for you. The next time you are in a book store , do well to get a copy of Rebrand for yourself.