I recently ran into a very precarious situation at my workplace. I was expected to do something I had never done before, something whose outcome everyone was stone scared of, something apparently simple but potentially disastrous if things just happened not to go as planned. incidentally, things didnt really go as planned. Things went wayyyy outside the plan.

Before, during and after the task, you could almost touch the tension. People offered advise, yelled, avoided the situation, spent late nights and so on. Over a period of about 19 hours, with a break of one or two hours sleep, there was teamwork, support, encouragement and brainstorming. The boundaries of roles were broken and everyone helped each other. It was clear that if things did go wrong, everyone had something to lose.

I certainly learnt a lot over the last weekend. beyond the codes and commands, beyond the syntax and semantics, beyond the processes and procedures, I learnt the value of having PEOPLE with you! If you are in any kind of relationship with REAL people, value them: mothers and fathers, brothers and sisters, friends and colleagues. Value them and support them when they need you. Watch their backs when they are not looking. People are the most important assets you have. “If one does not love his brother whom he can see, how can he say ‘I love God'”. Value people.

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