Our Delayed Miracle by the WordBearer

233267659961We promised to stay broken together
Both our hearts were in sync
In unison to seek His face in our fallen state
So we held hands to beg the pardon of a holy God in the stains of our bloodlines and unholiness
Telling Him the last time, which was that day
Will be the last time
And making promises of not going back
But did God really listen to that prayer?
And if He did, did He have mercy on us like we pleaded?

We promised to stay broken for Christ together
I have not kept mine and neither have you
We both have lied to the God we claim to serve
But I had hope for you
A hope that you wouldn’t sink deep in this mess of a life like I did
A hope that your godly heart will lead you to the salvation that you sought

Did we deceive God
Or did you deceive me?
I was with you recently
And hearing you narrate your recent adventures over the phone to another person
Made my heart sob
It sobbed for you, myself and the million others like us
There was no sense of remorse
No! I didn’t detect the slightest of it
But rather you were clad in the invisible cloak of happiness
I listened to your opened and loud conversation with this third person
And I hated myself
Cos I was a factor in this unholy arithmetic
When I should have been the true friend and deterrent that I was supposed to be

Dear friend, I have not been at peace since that moment
I failed to let you not go down such path as I did sometime
And I fear God will require your blood from me if you should die in this sin
My heart is heavy and sorrowful
My best friend, your boo, called
Asking why I have been distant
And that of late my emotional roller coaster makes him angry
At first I thought I was moody because of something he didn’t do
But then, he had another diagnosis
Accusing me of being distant because I didn’t get something I expected
Oh, the stress of drama my friend !
But he was right somehow
I was disappointed
But it isn’t because of him as he made it sound
Neither was it cos of my selfish desires which didn’t come to fruition
I am disappointed in myself for watching you deepen this scar on the back of Christ once again
It’s not always about you dear friend
And neither is it about me
But for this one time, my heart is heavy for another than us
I couldn’t explain it to him nor you
But you can read my emotions in these words
I am an hypocrite
Nonetheless, I pray you read this as the true feelings of a beloved friend who wishes you well
And I hope you make the right decision hereafter
And may God save us all
Only if we are worth being saved
And if we should die in our sins
We can, but only blame ourselves
For not carrying this cross
But until then, I pray that this delayed miracle
Finds our broken and hurting hearts.

SOURCE: https://mawuenabearer.wordpress.com/